A l i c e  i n  O p e r a l a n d

Alice in Operaland follows the adventures of Alice, a young girl who hates opera, past the rabbit hole and looking glass straight into the music! One lazy afternoon, she gets lost in her sister's favorite recordingliterally!and ends up in Operaland, a world where all opera characters live together in harmony. But all is not well in Operalandthe evil Lord Mephisto wants to be king, and to have complete control over all of the voices in Operaland! Alice meets many brave, funny, and crazy characters along the way, and together they learn about being yourself, helping others, and lots of opera music.


Music includes selections from Mozart, Delibes, Bizet, Offenbach, Gilbert (and Sullivan), and Strauss—with guest musical appearences by Haydn and Wagner!


Run time is approximately 45 minutes and appropriate for all ages. Please inquire for performance rights.

Alice in Operaland Promotional Excerpt