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The Gardener

In 2023, Alejandra and Jorge Sosa were once again invited to compete in The Atlanta Opera's 96-Hour Opera Project! This time, they chose to write a short scene about Carrie Steele Logan, the founder of the first Black orphanage in the United States.

In their scene, Carrie, who has yet to officially establish her orphanage meets a young woman named Dinah. Gripped by grief and hopelessness, Dinah has come to the train station in order to leave her young daughter Janey, as she has heard that there is an angel working there who cares for orphaned children.

Carrie listens to Dinah's story and shows her compassion, promising that she will care for Janey as if she was her own daughter. In the future, Janey reflects on the miracles she experienced in her life thanks to her mother and thanks to Carrie.

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